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Mobitel is an Apple Authorised Reseller

Thanks to this status, Mobitel can guarantee to offer an all-in solution for the implementation of Apple products within your organisation. This is for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The Mobitel team (Sales / Technical) can give you professional advice and support thanks to the Apple certification. This makes Mobitel an elite Apple partner in business and iOS solutions.

Choosing a fully Apple environment for your staff will ensure a rise in productivity, safety, ease of use and employee satisfaction.


Mobitel sells the full Apple range: iPhone, iPad and Mac (MacBook, iMac). We can guarantee to provide total peace of mind and advice from certified staff.

Apple Authorized Reseller

Apple Repair

As a trusted expert, Mobitel can provide peace of mind with repairs.

In order to offer unique service and quality, original Apple parts are used.

Apple Business Manager (ABM)

Apple Business Manager (ABM)

A user-friendly web portal where IT managers can roll out iOS and macOS devices from 1 place, in combination with a UEM/MDM solution.

That makes this web portal a blending of the Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) and the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP)

Device Enrollment Program

The Device Enrolment Program helps you roll out Apple devices in your organisation easily.

DEP links the iPhone, iPad or Mac, when it first starts up, automatically to your organisation's UEM/MDM system. That means interventions from the IT department or the end user are no longer needed on the device. The UEM/MDM system will automatically configure the device to your organisation's requirements (e-mail, WiFi, apps, etc). Physical access to the device is no longer needed. When the end user receives their device, this will be ready for use out of the box.

The iPad, iPhone or Mac will always remain linked to your organisation, meaning it will always remain visible, even after a full software reset. This makes the device less interesting to thieves. 

Volume Purchase Program

Thanks to the combination of ABM and your MDM, you can buy apps in bulk via the VPP and assign them to your staff. Your organisation will always remain the owner of the apps purchased. This means you can withdraw the apps you purchase at any time and assign them to other devices or users.

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