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Mobitel is a Samsung Partner

Mobitel sells the full Samsung range: smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. We can also guarantee to provide total peace of mind and advice from certified staff.


Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices:

These devices will receive security and firmware updates for 4 years (this will take place monthly for the first 3 years and on a quarterly basis from the 4th year).

A new device will remain available for a minimum of 2 years after its introduction. That way, you can always be sure your chosen device will be available.

You can order additional devices of the same type at any time. This ensures continuity and an optimum grip on your mobile environment.

Samsung Partner

Samsung Knox

Stay safe, no matter what!

Every Knox device is built from the hardware chip for isolating, encrypting and securing your data (including your confidential files, credit card details, passwords and health data). This protects everything you care about.

Samsung Knox consists of Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Manage.

Samsung Knox
Knox Configure

Knox Configure

Out-of-the-box setup

You can easily set up any device automatically. You can use it to skip the installation wizard, for example. The pre-configuration will be done by your or our IT department. Intervention on the part of your staff member is no longer required.

You can automatically implement apps and content that you wish to make mandatory on the device. You also have the facility for advanced and detailed connectivity settings, limitations on device functions at a system level, app white/blacklists and dynamic update abilities.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Knox Mobile Enrollment

There is support for any Samsung Android Enterprise device, including for the device admin mode.

Easily skip the installation wizard through a UEM login with specific user details that have been entered beforehand by your IT manager.

You can easily re-use a device after a factory reset through automatic re-subscription.

Knox Manage

Knox Manage

This solution supports multiple operating systems: Android, iOS and Win10 with comprehensive support for differentiated Knox features. It provides full support for Knox Platform for Enterprise and Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Simple and easy user experience for IT, such as event-based policy enforcement (based on a specific time, network, app, geographical circumstances).

You can use it to manage different work profiles, the full device, mobile apps via Managed Google Play and so on.

Knox E-FOTA One

Knox E-FOTA One

Manage the OS version on devices remotely without intervention from the end user. This makes it possible to carry out a seamless update to a fully tested version.

It can make firmware updates mandatory, with a stable OS implementation for business apps and services. This gives you powerful control over time and network.

For example, you can first test compatibility between the new operating system and the internal app.

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