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Smooth migration to Proximus

As a future Proximus customer, we ensure the smooth migration of your telecoms fleet from your current operator to Proximus via our own planning and porting software platforms.

Our experienced Tech Support team, led by a Project Manager, takes over your workload and ensures perfect implementation of the project.

You can also count on Mobitel for the roll-out of fleets of new devices.

Want to make the switch to Proximus?Feel free to contact us!

Specific services

  • Making devices ready to use (charging, basic settings, APN, etc.)
  • Creating accounts for iTunes, Microsoft, Google, etc.
  • Configuring company apps, MDM client, etc.
  • Roll-out of mobile devices to end users on-site
  • Helpdesk for company SPOC
  • Helpdesk for end users (project of first line support)
  • Providing training for your SPOC and/or end users
  • Insourcing telecoms employee
Proximus migraties