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Traffic & cost analysis

The Mobitel telecoms expense platform analyses your mobile telecoms invoice for you as telecoms manager, or for your end users.

Your account manager guides you in interpreting the reports and advises you in this quickly evolving market.


You can choose from the following reports as telecoms manager

  • Traffic analysis report - Mobile voice optimisation
    • overview of all costs
    • evolution of consumption in the last 6 months
    • consumption ratios
    • overview of all subscriptions
    • overview of all devices
  • Traffic analysis report - Mobile data optimisation
    • list of all data users
    • indication of excess useoverruns
    • list of no use
    • proposals for the ideal perfect situation
  • Net costs report
    • trend per user
    • communication cost per user
    • breakdown of cost items (analytical accounting)
  • Customised telecoms costs report
  • End users report
    • To make your end users aware of the costs that are borne by you as employer, Mobitel offers you the possibility to send an “Awareness” report to every end user.

These reports will optimize your telecoms invoices and provide a clear picture of your telecoms usage.

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