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Why mobile device management

Like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) is a market trend that has arisen from developments such as ‘The New World of Work and the Consumerization of IT’. Employees determine more and more where and what they want to work with.

Thanks to developments in the consumer market, employees today have advanced equipment at their disposal. This equipment is often more advanced or better in use than the equipment provided to them by their employer. ‘Nice to have at home’ is now also ‘nice to have at the office’.

Manage and secure your proprietary data and applications

With the Mobile Device Management products of Proximus (Mobile Iron/Airwatch), you can manage and secure your proprietary data and applications. From the MDM portal, you can manage your entire fleet of devices via:

  • Device management (GPS tracking, device wipe/lock, enterprise wipe)
  • Application management (pushing of public and proprietary apps, black/white list)
  • Compliance management (add, modify and remove compliance rules)
  • Profile management (add, modify and remove profiles)
  • Management of reports and warnings
  • Management of users (add, modify and remove end users)
  • Registration of the devices

You can take care of this management yourself or opt for a managed model, where our specialists take care of this service on your behalf.

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